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WOW Temple of Atal'Hakkar

The Temple of Atal'Hakkar is in the Swamp of Sorrows, Horde camp Stonard. The Allicace go north from the Nethergarde, the specific location is in middle of the lake on the right side outside the Stonard camp.
There are independent tasks and series of tasks about the quest of temple. Let us talk about two of more important series of tasks.
A wailing soul - Mo Lusha's prophecy - The ancient egg - The gods haka
Wailing souls start from the Feralas camp. The players need to go to the Feralas southern to kill three the Spirit of the wailings, and then go to Tanaris Steamwheedle Port to get the mission which is the prophecy of Arusha from the leaves Nokia.
You can collect two stone panels in the Zul'Farrak and take the first and second block to the Di-n-propyl leaves of Mosha Lu slate Tanaris. The falling of stone block are the progenitor of the Martyr Theka and Hydromancer  Weleisa, and then you go to the lower right of the Hinterlands regional citie Jintha'Alor to get the ancient egg in the cave behind the top of the plaza  in the world.Then back to Steamwheedle Port to Ye Nokia. This quest will provide rich prizes.
Sunken Temple began at the Feralas camp NPC Shamans Ukulele, and then you can go to the central of Tanaris deep sand plains to find Martha. He wants you go to Ratchet to find a stone ring which locate on the right of the city and near the pier in a room. The Prophet task starts in the Hinterlands Atta Levin exile.


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