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Molten Core Introduction

How to enter the Molten Core MC
The entrance to Molten Core is in Blackrock Depths, at the end of the bridge behind the seven demons room, which is near the cupola of Smelting Dark Iron .Of course you do not need from here to enter every time. There is a small room where a wizard live at the end of the last iron chains in the Black Rock Hill. When you are in level 57 you can find him after molten Core task. The process of task is very simple.
You can go to Blackrock Depths, touch the stone near the MC entrance outside, then go back to  hand over the task. So every time you enter the MC, you can directly jump in the wizard then point at the crystal or enter from the window.
Let us talk about the comprehensive assessment as well as functions of MC. You should listen to the commander. And please use the TS-peer voice command system as much as possible.
You also should install the necessary plug-ins. You must download the latest version of the team assistant. The team assistant CT_RaidAssist can help you view all team member status, MT target, BOSS alarm and other powerful features.
Wizard, Priest, Dru must install a key to DEBUFF plug-Decursive1.8 .It can allows you remove the curse and spell of the members the first time. The damage caused by MC curse and magic is far greater than the BOSS direct injury.
The team leader should install the RAID record. The CT_RaidTracker1.8 can record collection of team, the dissolution of loot and other information.


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